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Diploma Courses In Pharmacy

  1. 1) D.C.P. : (as per ER-91)
    • 1.1 Pharmaceutics-1
    • 1.2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry -I
    • 1.3 Pharmacognosy
    • 1.4 Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology
    • 1.5 Human Anatomy & Physiology
    • 1.6 Health Education And Community Pharmacy
  1. 2) D.C.P. : (as per ER-91)
    • 2.1 Pharmaceutics- II
    • 2.2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry -II
    • 2.3 Pharmacology and Toxicology
    • 2.4 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
    • 2.5 Drug Store and Business Management
    • 2.6 Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy

Admission Process

Cource : Diploma In Pharmacy.
Intake : 60.
Duration : 2 Years.
  • Admissions are awarded to candidates considering the marks obtained in 12th standard (H.S.C. Level Exam) conducted by Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or it's equivalent as may be recognized by Pharmacy Council of India.
  • Admission to Pharmacy Courses are open to all candidates who are Indian National and have Studied in Maharashtra for last two academic years as well as sons /daughters /spouse of the employees of Government of India or Central government undertaking considering that such candidates shall be domiciled in any States / union Territory, but he has been transferred to maharashtra within academic years have joined the jobs and have not been transferred out of Maharashtra. The duration of two years shall be conducted prior to the last date of receipt application.
  • Reservation to backward Classes, handicapped and under privilege or weaker section of the society are as per the Government Rules.

Application And Document Required

For All Candidates
  • A medical certificate in original prescribed proformat.
  • Certificate of Indian nationality whenever required.
  • Certificate of passing of the qualifying examination (i.e. xll,h Std. or its equivalent examination and true copy of mark sheet)
  • School/Institute leaving certificate.(After qualifying exam.)
  • If the date of birth is not mentioned in the school or institute leaving certificate then submit certificate of Birth.
  • Certificate of passing intermediate grade drawing examination.
  • Backward Class (from Maharashtra State) State the authority from which the certificate is produced.
  • Economically backward class- Income Certificate.
  • Copies of the certificates to the application form should be attested by Head master/Principal of the school/Institute or a Gazette Officer or Special Executive Magistrate. Original certificates, if attached, to the application will not be returned. Original certificate will have to be produced at the time of scrutiny of application prior to admission.
  • Application for admission will not be considered unless it is
    1. Properly and correctly filled in.
    2. Unless accompanied by attested copies of the requisite certificate in support of the claims made in the application form.
    3. Received in the office of the proper authority on or before last date and time prescribed

Procedure And Selection For Admission

Selection for admission shall be made strictly on the basis of merit of the candidate and eligibility is based on aggregate marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics. Total marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics on Satisfaction of condition of eligibility given in clause one for diploma course in Pharmacy.
The admission are provisional and are subject to approval and conformation from department of Technical Education, Mumbai. The eligibility of the candidate is finally decided by the Board of Technical Examination, Mumbai.

Fees And Concessions

The Fees for the course will be prescribed by Government from time to time.
a) Details of fee, as approved by State fee Committee, for the Institution. Rs. 40000/- approved by Shikshan Shulka Samiti, Maharashtra State.

Subject wise Classification

Sr.No. Parameters Titles Volumes
1 Pharmaceutics I 70 279
2 Bio – Chemistry 75 241
3 Human Anatomy 75 254
4 Pharmacognosy 79 299
5 Pharmaceutical Chemistry I 76 292
6 Health Education and Community Pharmacy 74 261
7 Pharmaceutics II 43 197
8 Pharmacology and Toxicology 49 231
9 Drug store and Business Administration  39 223
10 Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy 51 224
11 Pharmaceutical  Chemistry II 31 211
12 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence 46 224
13 General Books 39 57
14 e-Books - 757
747 3750