Mr. Harish Sanghavi
Mr. Harish Sanghavi

At the outset, I welcome you to the most beautiful and conducive academic campus in Nashik, Shree Mahavir education society’s Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy Nashik. Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy aspires to be the most advanced, progressive, and trusted pharmacy college. For every student to walk on the right path, it is necessary to fall under the true quality guidance of experienced mentors. We at Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy aid the postulants in this direction. Our college has always been a beacon of knowledge, fostering intellectual growth, innovation, and excellence. Together, we have created an environment that nurtures talent and shapes future leaders. I am immensely proud of the collective efforts of our dedicated faculty, staff, and students, which have elevated our college’s standing on a global scale.

Our college prides itself on providing an open and welcoming space for individuals from all walks of life to come together and engage in meaningful intellectual pursuits. Let us cherish and celebrate our diversity, for it is the very essence that enriches our learning experience and broadens our perspectives. Together, we create an environment that encourages interdisciplinary research, cooperation, and cross-cultural understanding. At Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy we build bridges, not walls, and work collectively to address the challenges faced by our society. The various Institutes and constituent units of Shree Mahavir Education Society run world-class curriculum-based courses that are sure to enable the students for holistic development and industry ready to become leaders with cutting-edge in the coming time. Lastly, I would like to express my unwavering commitment to your success. As Chairman, I am here to brace you, and uphold you, and I hope that your educational journey is meaningful and transformative. I whip you up to take advantage of the numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities available to you at Shree Mahavir Education Society . Engage in critical thinking, explore new areas of interest, and embrace a lifelong love for learning. The Shree Mahavir Education Society is set to implement the NEP 2020 and in accordance with the extensive framework, the Students are bound to get the best from its faculties and facilities. I am confident that with all collective efforts, we will make significant strides toward a brighter future.

Mr. Rahul Sanghavi
Managing Trustee
Mr. Rahul Sanghavi

Welcome to Shree Mahavir education society’s Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy Nashik that facilitates students accomplish their goals, aspirations and dreams. It gives me great pride and immense pleasure to be a part of the Mahavir family as its Managing Trustee. We believe education is meant to inculcate right values among students to produce socially responsible citizens thus the aim of Mahavir education society is to provide outstanding congenial academic milieu for nurturing future catalysts to outperform global standards.

In the ongoing task of nation building, we are trying to promote excellence in higher education for a vibrant and inclusive society by facilitating creation and transmission of knowledge. Higher education has witnessed a significant change and growth, and keeping a pace with it, we at Mahavir education society have also readily adapted to the global demands and geared up to meet the Global and National challenges by harnessing the latest technologies in education front hence accomplishing our mission of creating globally competent students who are fully aware of their roles in the quest for a better tomorrow for their communities, countries, regions, and the world as a whole. The Mahavir education society has carved out a forte to provide a discrete platform for the students to flourish as diversified human asset. Entrenched in the guidance of the best minds in teaching and rooted in the pursuit of intellectual excellence, it attempts to unlock inquisitiveness for experiential and value-based learning which fosters in the development of quality, leadership and entrepreneurship. The move towards inter-disciplinary studies, research based and interactive learning with technology integration have opened up several options as well as created multiple challenges. The quality of education imparted in our college churns the vibrant young minds to build core competence and major skill-sets required by the industry. The courses offered are carefully crafted keeping the functionality of output to bridge the gap between academia and employment and integrating knowledge with skills on the foundation of ethics and values. We kindle the passion in students and churn them out as a brigade of change leaders thus flying on the wings of their career and ambition. For holistic development of our students, the University not only provides a pulsating and positive environment but a well-equipped library, sports, clubs and extracurricular facilities etc. Also, the college organizes various events which provide platform to showcase talent and creativity and inculcate the skills of leadership, collaboration and teamwork. The college also encourages peer-learning that immensely helps students in their professional and practical life. We move with a motto of creating an army of independent, creative and analytical thinkers who can bear the torch to the next generation. We have already started to adopt some of the mandates by integrating 21st century skills required for global employment and successful life in the curriculum, offering multidisciplinary education, experiential learning, orientation of faculty, student induction program, social responsibility, community engagement, industry academic linkages, and prepared framework for eco-friendly and sustainable campus.

Resource Person List
Name Profession
Mr. Harish Sanghavi Industrialist
Mr. Rahul Sanghavi Industrialist
Mr. Anil Sanghavi Industrialist
Mr. Atul Mundada Industrialist
Dr. Vasant Bhandarkar Retd. Prof. IIT Bombay
Mr. GP Captain Sunil Newlye Retd. Defense Officer
Mrs. Letha Venkatesh Expert
Mr. Piyush Somani Industrialist
Mr. Sunil Khalkar Industrialist
Mr. Tejpal Bora Consultant
Trustees List
Name Designation Profession
Mr. Harish Sanghavi Chairman Industrialist
Mr. Rahul Sanghavi Treasuries Industrialist
Mr. Anil Sanghavi Vice Chairperson Industrialist
Mr. Atul Mundada Trustee Industrialist
Mr. Shashank Manerikar Secretary C.A.
Mrs. Shaila Manerikar Trustee House Wife
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